Call for Applicants for Spring Semester Buchanan Library Fellowship: Modalities of Textual Analysis: Exploring British Periodicals

Modalities of Textual Analysis: Exploring British Periodicals How can you identify and explore patterns across millions of documents? In this fellowship, Buchanan Library Fellows will learn state-of-the-art techniques for text mining at scale. Fellows will join an ongoing research project to analyze constellations of information in ProQuest’s British Periodicals Collections. Depending on interest, Fellows will… Keep reading

Buchanan Fellow explores disease and isolation in new pop-up exhibit at Central Library

A new student exhibit at Central Library explores the connection between disease and isolation while drawing parallels to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lia Okenkova, a junior cognitive studies and educational studies major from Naples, Florida, created “Depictions of Leprosy: Isolation for the Ages,” which features art and literature from the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery and Central… Keep reading

Spring Buchanan Library Fellowship Mentors Wanted

Have you been thinking about becoming a mentor for a Buchanan Library Fellowship? If so, now is the time to submit a proposal for the spring 2022 semester.  Mentors work with librarians and students on projects that build research skills. Students earn $1,000 for the semester’s work and present their final projects.  For more information… Keep reading

Call for Applicants for Buchanan Library Fellowship: Understanding the Fine Arts Gallery Collection using Wikidata and AI

Fall Semester Buchanan Library Fellowship: Understanding the Fine Arts Gallery Collection using Wikidata and AI This project will introduce the Fellows to Wikidata, the knowledge graph that anyone can edit. We will work to improve and add to the metadata in Wikidata about Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery works using spreadsheet-based software tools that make it… Keep reading

Fellow Lia Okenkova works on Art of Healing Exhibit

Buchanan Fellow Lia Okenkova has been working with local photographer Marcie Kindred on her Art of Healing virtual exhibit. Lia’s project will explore images of people with leprosy and compare the isolation they experienced with isolation brought on by COVID-19. The Art of Healing Exposition Fellowship is a series of shows and events around the… Keep reading

Fall Semester Buchanan Library Fellowship: Building a University: Vanderbilt’s Second Decade, 1885-1895

Call for Applicants for Fall Semester Buchanan Library Fellowship: Building a University: Vanderbilt’s Second Decade, 1885-1895 Have you ever wondered about the early years of Vanderbilt University? What were the first yearbooks like, and where did students live on campus? Which sports were first played on campus? Or perhaps you would like to learn about… Keep reading

Fall Buchanan Fellowship on U.S. Presidency Accepting Applications

The U.S. Presidency: Challenges of the Executive Branch Are you interested in working with primary resources to explore the role of the U.S. presidency? This fall semester Buchanan Library Fellows will curate an exhibition in the lobby of Central Library that explores the opportunities and challenges of the U.S. Executive Branch.  Fellows will select books,… Keep reading

New Fall Fellowship Accepting Applications

Buchanan Library Fellowship: Exploring Disinformation in Media and Society From the 2016 presidential election to contemporary conspiracy theories related to the pandemic and politics, much attention has been paid to the role of social media in the rapid spread of disinformation. What exactly is disinformation, though? Is this a new phenomenon, or is it deeply… Keep reading

Buchanan Fellows Making [Energy] Waves to Uncover the Battle of Nashville

Buchanan library fellow Jordan Rhym is a part of the Vanderbilt team using GPR technology to uncover clues from the Battle of Nashville on Shy’s Hill. The fellowship, Telling the Story of Civil War Nashville through Story Maps led by Associate Professor of Military Science and Arts and Science Brandon Hulette and Librarian for Geospatial… Keep reading

Buchanan Fellow Robby Espano Shares Final Project

In January 1849, “everybody skates” wrote Godey’s Lady’s Book editor Sarah Hale. Winter sports—skating, sledding, and snow-balling–were popular and “ladies are especially renowned for their grace and agility.”  Readers also contributed notes on medicines, recipes and fashions. See Buchanan Fellow Robby Espano’s curator statement and discover what he found when he read the magazine and… Keep reading