Spring Semester Buchanan Library Fellowships still taking applications

Spring Buchanan Library Fellowships are still taking applications.  The Buchanan Library Fellowship program provides immersive learning experiences that develop career-ready skills and support lifelong learning in undergraduate students. Fellows work in multidisciplinary cohorts on tactical projects for Vanderbilt libraries over the course of a semester to make library collections more accessible or shed new light on a collection or topic. At the end of the semester, fellows present their work and share their findings with the Vanderbilt community. Fellows are paid $1,000 for their work.

Exploring Disinformation in Media and Society

From the 2016 presidential election to contemporary conspiracy theories related to the pandemic and politics, much attention has been paid to the role of social media in the rapid spread of disinformation. What exactly is disinformation, though? Is this a new phenomenon, or is it deeply embedded in power structures predating social media? Join this fellowship to explore the role of disinformation in both legacy media and social media, and its effects on society. Through a seminar-style approach, students will follow this open access curriculum, connect theory to contemporary news, and create a podcast as their final project. These podcasts will become part of an ongoing project exploring the intersection of media and society. For more information contact: Andy WesolekApply Here

21st Century Climate Fiction

The climate crisis is here. How will you navigate it? How do contemporary authors address the changes we face across natural, social, political, psychological and cultural landscapes? What can we learn from them about growth and survival? In this Fellowship, students will develop curate an exhibition in the Central Library using climate fiction from Special Collections and other works. Visitors to your exhibit will learn how fiction helps us to imagine/navigate these landscapes. Prerequisite: Eng3730 Literature and the Environment: 21st Century Climate Fiction
For more information contact: Mary Anne Caton, Teresa A. Goddu  Apply Here

Archives and Storytelling: Exploring the Life of Dizzy Gillespie through Photographs

Vanderbilt’s Special Collections recently received the John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie collection which includes a wealth of photographs and snapshots that document the musical activities of this iconic figure in jazz history. Fellows will work to identify Gillespie’s associates in the photos and then build a web exhibit to tell a story about the life of Dizzy Gillespie. Fellows will also have the opportunity gain hands-on experience with exhibition production and installation by curating an exhibit on Dizzy Gillespie. Included in this fellows program is an opportunity to work with Gillespie scholars who are actively researching this collection to gain first-hand knowledge of how researchers use archival materials to advance scholarly publications.
For more information contact: Zach Johnson, Holling Smith-Borne  Apply Here


If you like researching art, enjoy cats, and want to learn about curatorial work, join the gallery staff to work on an exhibition opening in summer 2022 on the artist Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968.) As a curatorial assistant, one fellow will assist the interim curator with research for the upcoming exhibition Tsuguharu Foujita and the Art of the Cat . The position will require 5-6 hours/week of work at the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall. Tasks include object and image research, writing and other tasks related to exhibition production and installation. Prerequisite: coursework in art history, art or related discipline. For more information contact: Mary Anne Caton  Apply Here

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