Strengthening Ties: Cornelius Vanderbilt and the Founding of Vanderbilt University

This semester, students examined journals, codes of conduct, admissions logs and letters in the Special Collections Library and placed them in context with the university’s and the nation’s history. Fellows curated an exhibition about their topic and presented a report on what they learned about Vanderbilt. Online Exhibition: Strengthening Ties: Cornelius Vanderbilt and the Founding of… Keep reading

Our Crowd: Student Life at the University of Nashville

March 27, 2019-October 31, 2019, Central Library (Second Floor Gallery) This exhibition will be curated by a cohort of Buchanan Library Fellows and their librarian mentors. University life in the 19th century was quite different from today’s modern campus. Every aspect of students’ lives was highly regimented in order to shape the young men into productive members… Keep reading

Food for Health and Wealth: Five Centuries of Recipes and Cookbooks from the History of Medicine Collections

August 9-October 12, 2019, Central Library (Fourth Floor Lobby) Vanderbilt’s History of Medicine Collections is home to thousands of cookbooks, receipt books, and collections of home remedies. This exhibit, featuring rare and not-so-rare selections from our collections, explores the development of cookbooks across the centuries, with emphasis on the connections between cooking, medicine, class, household… Keep reading

Nikki Giovanni Pop Up Exhibit

Nikki Giovanni: Black Feeling, Black Talk Central Library Lobby August 2019 Nikki Giovanni (b. 1943) is one of America’s most respected African American poets.  A poet, essayist, activist and educator, she graduated with honors from Fisk University with a B.A. in history in 1967.  She was the first recipient of the Rosa L. Parks Woman… Keep reading

Nikki Giovanni book cover for Black Judgement

Creative Women: Marshall Chapman and Mildred Haun

March-July 2019, Central Library (Fourth Floor Lobby) Half of this exhibit, The Iconoclastic Marshall Chapman, features letters, photographs, posters, song lyrics, tour memorabilia, and other artifacts highlighting Marshall Chapman’s life and career as a working musician, songwriter, author, and more. The rest of this exhibit focuses on Vanderbilt University alumna Mildred Haun. Growing up in… Keep reading

The Iris at Vanderbilt and Peabody

March-July 2019 Have you ever wondered why the iris is featured on Vanderbilt’s graduation mace or heard Nashville called “Iris City”? The iris is our official state flower, but at Vanderbilt and Peabody, the iris carries a deeper connection: it was grown and hybridized by many historic figures, from Chancellor James Kirkland to poet Jesse… Keep reading

African American First Editions from the 20th Century

November 14, 2018-March 15, 2019 Throughout the 20th century, African American writers consistently gave voice to their experiences through powerful poetry and prose. From the bold voices that came out of the Harlem Renaissance, the courageous words from the Civil Rights movement, to the unapologetic stories of everyday strife, this outpouring of African American literary… Keep reading

Maladies, Elixirs, and Healers

August 2017-February 2018 From 16th century alchemical treatises to 20th-century breakthroughs saving millions of lives, this exhibition explores the evolving roles of medicine and healers and how these changes affect the way we live and work today. Early modern distilling manuals, botanical prints, and handwritten cookbooks tell the story of a time when doctors and… Keep reading

Vanderbilt Silver

July 2-November 11, 2018 For centuries, silver was considered a luxury reserved only for the elite, and master silversmiths came to be revered for the remarkable craftsmanship and design in their work. But silver was more than just riches: it was also a symbolic embodiment of affluence, taste and education. The history of silver at… Keep reading