Buchanan Library Fellowship: Books through the Ages: Genre in the Nineteenth Century

Books through the Ages: Genre in the Nineteenth Century | Apply Here What was the last book you got lost in? In the nineteenth century, people read potboilers for pleasure, consulted almanacs about weather, and learned how to manage their households and businesses from monthly magazines. Nineteenth-century innovations in book making and printing changed the… Keep reading

Commemorating Veterans Day all this Week

Vanderbilt University has a long tradition of producing and serving military leaders going all the way back to Chancellor Kirkland over one hundred years ago. With concurrence of the faculty at the time, he required military training for all male students as the nation entered World War I. By 1918, Vanderbilt had established the Student… Keep reading

Cadets in Front of Kirkland Hall, Circa 1917. panoramic image,from Vanderbilt University Photographic Archives

Buchanan Library Fellowship: From Golden Type to Wild Waves: Fine Press Books in Vanderbilt Special Collections

From Golden Type to Wild Waves: Fine Press Books in Vanderbilt Special Collections | Apply Here William Morris used the most up-to-date nineteenth-century technology—photography—to create handmade replicas of Medieval romances and epic poems. Morris’ designers and artists at Kelsmcott Press produced fine press work and intricate designs. His works drove Aesthetic Movement design and influenced… Keep reading

COVID-19 Archive: Study Abroad Cut Short

As part of a short series, the Heard Libraries are highlighting unique experiences from Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff through the lens of donations to the Vanderbilt COVID-19 Archive. This archive will provide future historians and researchers detailed insight into the pandemic and how it affected members of the campus community. We’re featuring excerpts from… Keep reading

Library materials quarantined for safety

Vanderbilt’s libraries are following university protocols, CDC guidelines, and recommendations from the international library community in the safe handling of library materials during the COVID-19 pandemic. All circulating materials and items in Special Collections are quarantined for at least 72 hours before they can be re-used. Your health and safety is the library’s highest priority when you check… Keep reading

Reminder of Library Due Dates

At the end of last semester the library extended item due dates to September 4th. If you have graduated or are not on campus, you have some options to return these items: Book Drop: If you are in Nashville, you may return items to a campus book drop. Shipping Items: If you are not in… Keep reading

shelves of library books

Afro-Hispanic Performing Arts Collection of Delia Zapata Olivella Receives Grant

The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation has awarded a Research Libraries Grant to the Special Collections Library to complete the preservation and archival processing of the important performing arts collection of Delia Zapata Olivella. The $20,000 award will fund the processing of Zapata Olivella’s archive over nine months. The resulting ArchivesSpace finding aid will increase the… Keep reading

Delia Zapata Olivella holds tall basket