Call for Applicants for Fall Buchanan Fellowship: The U.S. American Presidency

The U.S. Presidency: Challenges of the Executive Branch

Are you interested in working with primary resources to explore the role of the U.S. presidency? Buchanan Library Fellows in this fall semester fellowship will curate an exhibition in the lobby of Central Library that explores the opportunities and challenges of the U.S. Executive Branch.  Fellows will select books, manuscripts, government publications, university archives and news broadcasts in the Vanderbilt Libraries to uncover historic decisions and dilemmas of the federal government’s executive branch.   Working with librarians and faculty, student curators will conduct background research for each of their themes, select objects for exhibit, and write original label copy to describe their case themes and objects in historical context.  They will create a WordPress exhibit to amplify the audience for their work and present their findings at an exhibition opening at the end of the fall semester. This fellowship requires a five- to seven-hour commitment of your time and agreement to attend weekly classes. Contact: Frank Lester, Teresa Gray, Jason Schultz

The Buchanan Library Fellowship program provides immersive learning experiences that develop career-ready skills and support lifelong learning in undergraduate students. Fellows work in multidisciplinary cohorts on tactical projects for Vanderbilt libraries over the course of a semester to make library collections more accessible or shed new light on a collection or topic.  At the end of the semester, fellows present their work and share their findings with the Vanderbilt community.  Fellows are paid $1,000 for their work. Apply Here


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