This Week’s Curator’s Talk: Fit to Print in Nashville: Nashville Journalists

Join us in the Special Collections Library from 11:15am-12:00pm every Wednesday morning during this semester for fascinating talks led by library librarians, archivists, and curators. To see the full series, click here.

This week’s talk: Fit to Print in Nashville: Nashville Journalists

Since 1907, two primary newspapers—each with their own political bent—have recorded Nashville’s history: the Tennessean and the Nashville Banner. These respective liberal and conservative papers shared a building, printing press, and even some staff, but engaged in ideological competition in print for decades. Join us for this lunchtime talk with curator Zach Johnson, which takes a deep dive into portions of the exhibition on Nashville journalism, on display October 25-February 8, 2019.

MSS 829 – John Siegenthaler Papers – Photographs – Oversize

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