The News as It Happened: Journalism in Vanderbilt’s Special Collections

About the Project

Vanderbilt’s Libraries are proud to be the place of record of journalists and newspaper editors whose actions broke news of national importance. From Jim Squires’ decision to publish the Pentagon Papers in the Chicago Tribune to Kathy Sawyer’s coverage of the Challenger disaster, news reporters and their editors carry a responsibility to provide unbiased, timely news. Today, that duty could not be more relevant or important. This fall semester fellowship examined key figures in the world of journalism whose papers are housed in Vanderbilt University’s Special Collections. Fellows worked collaboratively to produce a physical and interactive exhibit focusing on the contributions made by these writers.

About the Fellows

Working as a team, undergraduates Skyler Froese, Jenna Moldavia, and Emma Oliver interviewed Nashville journalists Jack Corn, Jack Hurst, and Jim Squires. They produced videos from their interviews and created a physical exhibition using primary source material from Special Collections.

Online Exhibition: The News As It Happened
Fellowship: Project Proposal

Fellows Cases/Statements:
Skylar Froese – Jack Hurst
Jenna Moldaver – Jack Corn
Emma Oliver – Jim Squires

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