New! QR Code Feature Added to Catalog

The catalog will now also display scannable QR codes for both individual records and for catalog searches as another way of information sharing. By scanning the QR code you will now be able to use your phone to capture information about a book, article, music score, etc. to use for later, send the information to… Keep reading

Craiglow Appointed Interim University Librarian

Hilary A. Craiglow, who has led the Walker Management Library for more than a decade, has been named interim university librarian. Craiglow’s appointment, effective July 1, was announced today by Vanessa Beasley, vice provost for academic affairs and dean of residential faculty. Read the full article >

Represent Your Library for #NationalLibraryWeek

Happy National Library Week! We have collected favorite images of our libraries across campus for you to use for your next Zoom meeting background. Click on the images below, then right click and save it to use! Represent your library! Here are additional instructions for creating a Zoom background.

What’s Happening in the Libraries: November 2020

Intermediate Python Lessons – Tuesdays, November 3, 10, and 17 This is the fourth in a series of six lessons that cover loading data from files and working with various Python data structures including Pandas DataFrames. These lessons are appropriate for anyone who has completed the Python beginner lessons or who has gained basic Python… Keep reading

What’s Happening in the Libraries: October 2020

Digital Literacies Workshops Join us every Thursday at 1pm to learn all about digital literacies and the importance of understanding how and why digital outputs are created, and our own ethical responsibilities in sharing those outputs. This month’s workshops include: Boosting Your Impact, Disambiguations Tools, Finding and Evaluating Open Research, and Critical Think about Data… Keep reading

Library Events

Tending to Popular Thought: What People Read and Why – Spring 2020

This exhibition will be curated by a cohort of Buchanan Library Fellows and their librarian mentors. Students learned about book history and curated an exhibit about reading using Special Collections books. Their exhibit explores sixteenth- to nineteenth-century popular literature from occult philosophy to herbology, and personal essays. Each Fellow explored how past conceptions of the world were… Keep reading

Netsuke: Gucci of the Edo Period | Spring 2021

An exhibition curated by Gawon Lee and Jiayi Hou, 2019-2020 Buchanan Library Fellows     The Buchanan Library Fellowship program, in conjunction with the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery, is proud to present Netsuke: Gucci of the Edo Period. Curated by students Gawon Lee and Jiayi Hou as the culmination of their 2019–2020 Library Buchanan… Keep reading


Access online articles more easily with LibKey Nomad

The Vanderbilt University Library provides access to LibKey Nomad, a Chrome browser extension that provides instant links from publisher web sites to full-text articles subscribed to by the Library. Nomad helps with access in three ways: It displays a Download PDF badge when it detects a PDF is available. Click the badge to go directly… Keep reading