Ophthalmology Pioneers of Nashville

[Optic Disc Edema], Susan H. Wilkes, 1932. Susan H. Wilkes Collection. Vanderbilt University History of Medicine Collections
The History of Medicine Collections has collaborated with Dr. Karla Johns and the Vanderbilt Eye Institute on a new exhibit on the evolution of the ophthalmoscope and of ophthalmology pioneers in Nashville. Along with several examples of ophthalmoscopes and other medical instruments, the exhibit features work by former Vanderbilt medical illustrator Susan Wilkes. Ophthalmologists featured include Meharry’s Charles Victor Roman and Vanderbilt’s Kate Savage Zerfoss, Giles Savage, and William Thompson Briggs.

The exhibit includes instruments from both Dr. Johns’ and Vanderbilt’s collections, and it will be up through the fall semester. The exhibit is located in the administrative area of the Eye Institute and is open to the public. Special thanks to the Eye Institute and the Zerfoss family for their assistance.

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