Behold, Reflect, and Transform: Art in the Christian Tradition Database

Behold, Reflect, and Transform: Art in the Christian Tradition Database is an exhibit in the Vanderbilt Divinity Library curated by Anne Richardson and Charlotte Lew.  The Art in the Christian Tradition database integrates curated Creative Commons images with concepts and scripture texts from the Bible.  The exhibit highlights thematic ACT images that demonstrate the time periods,… Keep reading

Resource Spotlight: Religious Magazine Archive

The Religious Magazine Archive is a collection of 22 periodicals that represent a variety of religious traditions.  The coverage of the entire collection ranges from 1845 to 2015. Contents include The American Theosophist, The Catholic World, Islamic Horizons, and The Sikh Messenger, among other titles.  More popular than scholarly, these magazines show how religious traditions… Keep reading

Resource Spotlight: Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Religion

Want some background on a religious topic from people you can trust?  Browse to Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Religion, where you’ll find articles about subjects like African Religions, Hinduism, Religion and Art, and Religion in America, among other categories. All of the articles are written by scholars who work in the areas they’re writing about (Vanderbilt’s… Keep reading

Getting to Know Your Divinity Library Staff: MAT Trotter

Margaret Ann Trotter (MAT) has worked for the Vanderbilt University Libraries since 1979.  She began working in the Divinity Library, moved to several other positions around the system, then returned ‘home’ to Divinity in 1994.  Her current position is Manager of Leganto Service; Coordinator of Divinity Reserves. What is something about your job that you… Keep reading