PowerNotes Now Available to Students, Staff, and Faculty

The Alyne Queener Massey Law Library is excited to introduce PowerNotes, a powerful browser extension that allows you to gather and organize your legal research in one place. Students, staff, and faculty now all have access. Use your Vanderbilt.edu email address to sign up for free!

PowerNotes: The only productivity tool built for legal research

PowerNotes is a tool to help you save, annotate, and organize sources you access from databases and the internet. You can annotate any website, save your highlights, and add notes to your highlights, organized by your topics and projects. PowerNotes works with Westlaw, Lexis, HeinOnline, Bloomberg, and many other popular legal databases. This is an effective way to keep all your work online in one place. Once ready to move to the next step in your research or writing, you can easily export your notes from PowerNotes to MS Word, Google Docs, Excel, or Google Sheets.

PowerNotes takes citations from Westlaw, Lexis, HeinOnline, and Bloomberg and copies them into your PowerNotes interface, so it can also help you with your citations. It isn’t perfect though, so remember to double-check that your citations comply with Bluebook, ALWD or other required formats.

You can learn more about how to use Powernotes for legal research, check out their helpful video guides here: https://www.powernotes.com/resources/videos (select “Law”)

If you have questions about using Powernotes, please contact the research librarians by sending an email to law_library_reference@list.vanderbilt.edu.

To create an account and get started, click here.

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