Vanderbilt Libraries Commemorate Veterans Day

Special Collections frequently teaches primary source research for multiple history courses throughout the year.  While our primary source coverage of World War I and II is sufficient for these classes, we have had very little content on the Korean and Vietnam War eras.  Last summer, we were able to purchase several manuscript collections to help us fill this gap in our manuscript collections: the Carl Booth Papers, the Joann Mosby Collection, and the Alton L. Lattig Papers.  The Booth and Mosby collections provide firsthand accounts of soldiers Sergeant Carl Booth, Private First Class Larry Powell, and Private First Class Andrew Johnson’s experiences during the Vietnam War.  The Lattig collection provides a detailed glimpse at Seaman First Class Alton “Mike” Lattig’s life in the Navy between the end of the Korean War and the build up to the conflict in Vietnam. See the video below of the recent Distinctive Collection presentation on these collections by Special Collections Curator Teresa Gray.

Vanderbilt’s University Archives is the place of record for many of our veterans’ papers. Make an appointment to visit the archives to learn more about this important history.



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