Call for Applicants for Summer Buchanan Library Fellowship: The Art of Healing

Summer Buchanan Library Fellowship: The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing Exposition is a series of shows and events around the theme of the use of creative expression as part of the healing process. Two fellows will research art and archives in the Vanderbilt Jean & Alexander Heard Library collections that are related to healing and will organize the display of this and other art as part of the overall exposition. Art highlighted in this program will include all forms of creative expression including painting, writing, music, and will include physical and online displays. Contact: Brandon Hulette, Emily Weiner

The Buchanan Library Fellowship program provides immersive learning experiences that develop career-ready skills and support lifelong learning in undergraduate students. Fellows work in multidisciplinary cohorts on tactical projects for Vanderbilt Libraries over the course of a semester to make library collections more accessible or shed new light on a collection or topic.  At the end of the semester, fellows present their work and share their findings with the Vanderbilt community.  Fellows are paid $1,000 for their work.  Apply Here

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