Christopher Ryland Presents on “Hidden Figure” William (Bill) Gunter, Sr.

On Nov. 4, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Office for Diversity Affairs presented the third annual “Hidden VUMC Figures” event — a tribute to employees who have made significant long-term contributions to the Medical Center, often behind the scenes.

“At VUMC the collective ‘we’ have a rich history of hidden figures. That rich history predictably has broad diversity that includes women and people of all races, ethnicities, religions and genders and gender preferences,” said Andre Churchwell, MD, Chief Diversity Officer for VUMC. “Further reflection informs me that for us to fulfill the vision of a diverse and inclusive community committed to value all members, we must, when appropriate, honor those people whose shoes we are attempting to fill.”

Curator of the History of Medicine Collections and Archives Christopher Ryland spoke about one of the four recipients, William (Bill) Gunter Sr., who served as the diener of the anatomy labs at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, in charge of anatomical material, a post that he held for 56 years. Mr. Gunter’s  granddaughter, Pamela Gunter-Smith, accepted the award/ For more on Gunter and on others receiving awards, see the full article.

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