Vanderbilt Libraries’ Open Mind Series: Informed Citizenship and the Economics of Information

Information is being democratized and diversified. Every cell phone video is a news story, every YouTube account is a classroom. Citizens no longer trust or rely on experts for their information, partially because they can obtain first-hand accounts of the world around them. In the age of untrusted experts and folk-journalism, folk-education, what is the state of higher education and journalism? Is this trend a boon for our first amendment rights? Is this the demise of informed citizenship? What is happening to our institutions and what are the experts doing about it? Join the Vanderbilt Libraries in a discussion on how universities and news networks should keep citizens informed.

Ken Paulson, dean of MTSU College of Media and Entertainment and president of the Newseum Institute’s First Amendment Center
Chas Sisk, senior editor, WPLN
Elisabeth Shook, Vanderbilt Libraries

4:00pm – 6:00pm, Community Room, Central Library

All are welcome. Join the discussion and stay for the reception afterwards.


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