Practical Steps for Increasing Openness and Reproducibility: A Day of Open Science

The Vanderbilt University Library is pleased to host a workshop on the Open Science Framework. The Center for Open Science is dedicated to fostering an open exchange of ideas that accelerates scientific progress towards solving the most persistent problems. The challenges of disease, poverty, education, social justice, and the environment are too urgent to waste time on studies lacking rigor, outcomes that are never shared, and results that are not reproducible. They designed the Open Science Framework (OSF), a tool that promotes open, centralized workflows by enabling capture of different aspects and products of the research lifecycle, including developing a research idea, designing a study, storing and analyzing collected data, and writing and publishing reports or papers.

On March 19th, Ian Sullivan from the Center for Open Science will be at Vanderbilt to train those interested in open access and reproducibility on using the Open Science Framework (OSF). The training will be held in 612A from 9am to 4pm. Everyone from campus is invited. Laptops are available for those who do not have access to one. Though the training will last all day, participants are welcome to come and go as they please. Refreshments will be served.

In the morning session participants will gain a foundation for incorporating reproducible, transparent practices into their current workflows by creating a reproducible project from start to finish. The afternoon session will build on this foundation by examining case studies and designing appropriate open workflows for each situation.

Please RSVP for the OSF Workshops at as space is limited.

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