Between the Lines

Vanderbilt Libraries Between the Lines 2016-2017
Vanderbilt Libraries Between the Lines 2016-2017

Between the Lines: Vanderbilt Libraries’ 2016/2017 Highlights Review

It is my pleasure to share with you our 2016/17 year-end review for the Vanderbilt Libraries, Between the Lines.  In words, numbers, and images, this report offers a glimpse into the many ways our dedicated Library staff supports and enhances teaching, learning and research at Vanderbilt. The report will introduce you to the remarkable things happening in the libraries and perhaps even challenge your perception of the role of libraries in the 21st century. We are grateful to the many donors and friends who made much of this work possible and to our faculty and students with whom we partner every day to turn information into knowledge.

I hope you like what you see and that you will continue to follow the activities and news of Vanderbilt Libraries as an active member of the library community.

Valerie Hotchkiss
University Librarian

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