Applications Accepted Now for 2018 Spring Library Fellowships

Are you an undergraduate looking for a way to learn new skills and earn money this spring?  You might consider applying for a Buchanan Library Fellowship. Fellows are paid a stipend for completion of an immersive project. We have two seminar-style fellowship programs scheduled for the spring semester.

The Power of Propaganda, Persuasion, and Information Dissemination 
In this seminar, students will learn about the principles, strategies, techniques, and effects of information dissemination. The course deals with intellectual property and propaganda in the context of scholarship, religion, war, politics, culture, and advertising, and explores implications for the future of information sharing in our modern technological age. Students will also learn about exhibition and curatorial techniques while engaging with the library’s Special Collections materials. Students will work collaboratively or individually to produce an exhibit or a poster, focusing on different aspects of propaganda and its role in information dissemination.
Lead Mentors: Melissa Mallon and Nathan Jones
HireADore (job code 9225)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
This course will teach students how to solve practical spatial problems using cutting edge Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools. Students will identify interdisciplinary questions amenable to spatial solutions, learn how to collect and curate geographic information, and design real-world mapping applications. By the end of the course, students will have gained familiarity with multiple types of GIS systems, and be able to select which system best fits their research needs. In addition, students will share and develop their geographic analyses with community stakeholders.
Lead mentors: Lindsey Fox  and Richard Stringer-Hye
HireADore (job code 9226)

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