The Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes / transcribed and annotated by Clare Milliner and Walt Koken (Mudthumper Music, 2011)

The Milliner-Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes is an essential resource for fiddlers who are looking for ways to expand their repertoire. 1,404 tunes are arranged alphabetically in 741 pages, with references to source recordings and cross references to similar tunes and titles. A special feature is an artist index arranged alphabetically by fiddler, showing what tunes are included by that artist.

Also included is an artist profiles section with brief bios of the 347 fiddlers/bands represented in the book. This resource can be found in the Music Score Reference area of the Music Library: M40 .M622 2011

What fiddlers are saying about this resource:

“This monumental heirloom edition is an invaluable work for fiddlers and other old-time melody-players who want to dig deep into the earliest documentations of these magnificent American fiddle tunes.”

“I love several things about this book: the vast collection of tunes, the extensive notes about the tunes, the large print … but I think my favorite things are that there are no measures and no time signatures. The tunes are not fenced in!! The freedom to play the tunes without those constraining vertical lines is … liberating!”

“A student of mine brought over his copy and it is magnificent! I just ordered my own copy!”

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