Genius within : the inner life of Glenn Gould / a White Pine Pictures production ; a Lorber Films release ; directed by Michèle Hozer and Peter Raymont ; produced by Peter Raymont. (Lorber Films, 2011)

An enigmatic musical poet and the most documented classical musician of the last century, world-renowned pianist Glenn Gould continues to captivate international audiences twenty-six years after his untimely death. Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould humanizes the legend, weaving together an unprecedented array of unseen footage, private home recordings and diaries, as well as compelling interviews with Gould’s most intimate friends and lovers, all exploring the incongruities between Gould s private reality and his wider image.

Co-director and the film’s editor Michèle Hozer sees the mythical side of Glenn Gould’s story – the sometimes tragic hero whose character is multi-faceted and contradictory. “At the heart of it all,” she says, “Gould is a great human story. By intimately looking at the man alongside the myth, not only do we understand a bit more about Gould, we can all understand a bit more about ourselves. We can all relate to wanting to achieve success, to make our lasting mark in some fashion, but is there a human cost, a personal sacrifice, and is it ultimately worth it all? No simple answers but fundamental and worthy existential questions to ponder. Gould often talked about the transcendental nature of music; maybe by losing ourselves in his music and his story, we can better find ourselves, or that’s my hope.”

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