Help choose the Commons Reading for the class of 2016

Last year the library participated in the Commons Reading program by creating a “Three Cups of Tea” lib guide to direct students to supplementary resources to enhance their reading experience. Next year’s book has already been selected but Dean Wcislo, is inviting the Vanderbilt community to help choose a book for the Commons Reading for the class of 2016.
See below for the full invitation.

The Commons Reading is a book which is mailed to all rising first-year students to be read during the summer before they arrive on campus, and which will be discussed all over campus during their first days at Vanderbilt and throughout the year. The first Commons Reading was Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson. The reading for the Class of 2015, which will be mailed to them this June, is The Good Life: Truths That Last in Times of Need, by Peter Gomes.

We need your help to find the right book for the class of 2016.

Before March 31, visit Common Place, and click on the Commons Reading button. There, you can see a list of the titles which have already been suggested, you can “Like” or comment on any of those titles, or you can suggest a new title (VUnetID required).

The final title will be chosen by the faculty heads of houses on The Commons and me from those suggested. If possible, we will bring the author or a related expert to campus in the Fall of 2012.

What makes a good suggestion? The book should be accessible for an audience comprised of 18-year-olds, albeit very bright 18-year-olds. It should be intellectually challenging and accomodating to multiple opinions and perspectives. In short, it should model the standards for intellectual life at Vanderbilt.

Please take a few minutes to visit the site, and help us out with a “Like,” a comment, or a suggestion.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Frank Wcislo
Dean of The Commons
206 Commons Center
Vanderbilt University

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