Divinity Library introduces upgraded Revised Common Lectionary website!

On June 15th a revised and enhanced version of the Revised Common Lectionary went into production, after several months of beta version review and comment by many of its regular users.  The culmination of a 9 month development effort, the new design and enhanced features of the web-site can be seen at the long-standing address on the Divinity Library web-pages, at  http://divinity.library.vanderbilt.edu/lectionary/

The RCL webpages have long been among the the most heavily used resources on the Heard Library web server, with over 4,000 weekly users.  The Lectionary site has been published continuously by the Divinity Library since 1996, and has been through 3 prior revisions.

One significant component of this revision was the migration of the site from static html pages to a database delivery system.  Other enhancements in the new version are the addition of weekly Prayer readings, and links to Art images relevant to the weekly scripture topics.  The latter addition, drawn from a database of Christian art also available as a standalone resource on the library website, is the fulfillment of a vision for the Lectionary resource that was an integral part of the initial vision of this resource.

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3 thoughts on “Divinity Library introduces upgraded Revised Common Lectionary website!

  1. Hello folks,

    My last two parishes have utilized your wonderful resource! Thank you. This past week, though, I have not been able to call it up. Then the time runs out with a message saying the connection has been lost. Is there some remedy? Thank you. Rev. Tim Dutcher-Walls

  2. Do I need permission to reprint one of your prayers from the lectionary on a monthly publication that is mailed to members of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross and a small group that supports us with time and money call Friends. You may find more information about this group of vowed women at adelynrood.org

    Edwina M. Simpson
    Companion-in-Charge (President)

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