Upcoming changes to our Embase subscription

The Eskind Biomedical Library is moving from Ovid Embase to Elsevier Embase. The Elsevier platform offers more search options such as the drug search, medical device search, PICO search, and more as well as a faster search speed. Please visit the Biomedical Library Training & Citation Management: Resource Tutorials page to learn more about using the new platform and to watch a video tutorial on how to recreate saved Ovid searches on Elsevier Embase. If you have saved searches on a personal Ovid Embase account that you want to keep, you will need to recreate the search on the Elsevier Embase platform. Access to Ovid Embase expires on March 31st. You will not be able to access personal Ovid Embase accounts after this date.

Ovid Embase and Elsevier Embase can be accessed on the Most Used Resources page, https://researchguides.library.vanderbilt.edu/healthsciences



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