Libraries offer gear for studying in peace

Does your roommate snore… during their midday nap?

Is the heating vent too loud?

Does the hum of fluorescent light drown out the voice of that one, very important recorded lecture?

If so, then stop by the library to pick up gear to help you study in peace. Vanderbilt Libraries is pleased to announce noise cancelling headphones are now available to checkout. Each headset comes with everything you need to connect and charge them. Headsets are available 24 hours at a time and can be used in the libraries, on campus, or anywhere you need a little extra peace and quiet. Each library has at least two headsets available for students. Inquire at the library front desk for availability. Disposable earplugs will also be available at all libraries starting December 5th through finals week. Please take only what you need due to limited supply.

These initiatives are sponsored by the Vanderbilt Libraries IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) Committee. The IDEA Committee works behind the scenes to meet the libraries’ commitment to provide equitable access to library services and collections for all patrons. To learn more about the libraries’ commitment to access for all, please visit our website at

Stay tuned for additional initiatives that will “light up” your spring semester.

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