Celebrate Spooky Season with a free showing of ‘Nope’ at Central Library Oct. 27

Join your friends for a spooky movie night in Central Library, Thursday, October 27 at 8:00 p.m.

Our featured film is NOPE, a 2022 Horror/Sci-Fi film from writer/director Jordan Peele.

Refreshments and bottled water will be provided while supplies last. Grab your friends and have a movie night on Central Library and the Student Outreach and Engagement Committee.

When: Thursday, October 27, 8 PM CT
Where: Central Library, Community Room

We look forward to seeing you!

Summary from Universal Pictures: After random objects falling from the sky result in the death of their father, ranch-owning siblings OJ and Emerald Haywood attempt to capture video evidence of an unidentified flying object with the help of tech salesman Angel Torres and documentarian Antlers Holst.

Runtime: 2 hrs. 10 mins.   Movie Trailer:

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