Fact-checking: Antidote to Bias

We encounter new and familiar information every day, at work, in our research and scholarly activities and at home, as we scan social media or read the news. Each of these interactions creates opportunities for unconscious biases, which influence these interactions.

In this workshop, we’ll investigate the biases that are implicit and inherent in information production and consumption, as well as explore how our own biases can impact our media consumption. We’ll share a variety of fact checking strategies that will make it easier to both engage with information and media and to help counteract internal and external biases.

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Sponsors: The Digital Commons, University Libraries

Facilitators:  Emily Bush, Librarian for Instruction and Digital Learning and Melissa Mallon, Associate University Librarian for Teaching and Learning

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 26, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Location: The Digital Commons, 1101 19th Ave. S., Room 200

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