VR/AR Faculty Learning Community Meeting

With the recent emergence of very high-resolution three-dimensional models via photogrammetric techniques as a primary method of archaeological documentation, the construction of near perfect simulated environments is within reach.

In efforts to “think beyond the tool,” this presentation considers how the scales at which the human body interacts with these digital environments is especially important for understanding the features of past things and places. By enabling interaction with objects and contexts in immersive virtual space, such observational experiences create digital engagements that are repeatable and distributable. The capacity to digitally inhabit places such as archaeological sites in Peru and Cambodia and manipulate materials hold subtle but profound implications for knowledge construction.

Sponsors: The Digital Commons
Facilitator: Giles Spence Morrow, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Data Science Institute/Department of Anthropology
Thursday, September 15, 11:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Remote

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