Introduction to Programming Notebooks

A notebook environment is an increasingly popular way to develop and share code. This workshop will introduce two of the most popular types of notebooks: Jupyter and Colab. We will briefly discuss the literate programming paradigm, then examine the main features that are common to both platforms. In the process, we will see examples of typical applications and ways that the notebook environments have been expanded to code beyond simple Python scripts. Applications to be demonstrated will include data visualization, image analysis, machine learning, text analysis, Linked Data SPARQL queries, and Databricks.

Sponsors: Digital Commons and Digital Scholarship and Communications of the Vanderbilt Libraries
Facilitator: Steven Baskauf, Ph.D., Data Science and Data Curation Specialist
Date and Time: Monday, August 29, 11:00am to 12:00pm
Location: The Digital Commons, 1101 19th Avenue South, Room 210


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