Local changes to library computers and a new NIH MFA policy

As the university and medical center become more technologically independent, usage of library computers is also impacted. EBL staff will be happy to assist with your computing needs.

  1. VUMCids will no longer be allowed to log in to the library workstations. We have installed several autolog machines which do not require institutional credentials and provide access to the web, library resources, and Microsoft Office.
  2. We are removing the two standalone workstations which were used to access eStar/Virtual VUMC. Authorized eStar/Virtual VUMC users may check out a library laptop at the Information Desk.

Effective September 2021, NIH sites are now requiring multi-factor authentication. In the library context, if you need to log in to your PubMed/MyNCBI account, you will be prompted to obtain an authentication code from the DUO app.

For more information on the VUIT and NIH multi-factor authentication:

VUIT MFA: https://it.vanderbilt.edu/services/catalog/security/identity_and_access_management/Multi_Factor_Authentication.php

NIH MFA: https://incommon.org/news/nih-to-begin-requiring-multifactor-authentication/

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