Using Websites and Social Media to Enhance Your Professional Digital Presence

In September 2021, staff from the Vanderbilt Communications and Marketing team led an online workshop for the Digital Commons titled “Web & Social Media” as part of our Digital Presence series. The session was recorded and highlights have been made available on the Digital Commons YouTube channel, and embedded below.

In part 1 (below), Jaclyn Antonacci, senior social media specialist, and Lacy Paschal, executive director of digital strategies, identify the benefits of building one’s digital presence as an academic. They walk through what someone might learn about you through a Google search and how you can influence what appears in those search results.

In part 2 (below), Jaclyn and Lacy discuss the importance of establishing a website presence for academics and provide pros and cons of various social media platform choices, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In part 3 (below), Jaclyn provides advice for faculty and academics on building their social media bios, as well as suggestions for what to share and how to engage on social networks.

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