Buchanan Fellows Making [Energy] Waves to Uncover the Battle of Nashville

Buchanan library fellow Jordan Rhym is a part of the Vanderbilt team using GPR technology to uncover clues from the Battle of Nashville on Shy’s Hill. The fellowship, Telling the Story of Civil War Nashville through Story Maps led by Associate Professor of Military Science and Arts and Science Brandon Hulette and Librarian for Geospatial Data and Systems Stacy Curry-Johnson, is working with the Battle of Nashville Trust to learn more about this battle, which is said to be the turning point of the Civil War. The new technology allows them to look more than six feet under ground in hopes of finding items from the battle.

“We are blessed to have newer technologies that weren’t available to previous generations of historians and scientists, and we’re using those out here today to study this site to gain even further insights than we already have” stated Hulette.

Watch the full story on News Channel 5.

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Images provided by Marcie Kindred.

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