Issues getting into Google Scholar?

Library users may have recently encountered a reCaptcha error in Google Scholar resulting from a Google block on traffic from the library’s proxy server. This problem is being experienced by other libraries as well; however, Google has been unresponsive to requests to correct the issue.

We have temporarily removed the proxy from the Google Scholar link in the Database A-Z list which will enable users to access Google Scholar from off-campus, but will require you to have Findit @VU selected in your Google Scholar settings in order to see what resources are available from the Vanderbilt Libraries. Alternatively, you can use the Library Catalog and click on the “add results beyond Vanderbilt” button after a search to view much of the same content that is in Google Scholar.

To configure your Google Scholar Settings:

  1. Close your browser and start a new session, so that it does not try to send you through the proxy server.
  2. Go to
  3. Click library links on the left hand menu.
  4. Search for Vanderbilt and select: “Vanderbilt University Library – Findit@VU” (with uppercase F).
  5. Click Save.

Once you see the results in Google Scholar, you will need to choose the Findit @VU link to access the resource from off-campus, unless you have downloaded LibKey Nomad, Kopernio or have the proxy bookmarklet. For tips on using these tools to access electronic resources from off campus, please see our FAQ.

Please note that clearing your browser’s cache will frequently resolve many eresource access issues.

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