Bloomberg Market Concepts Limited-Time Free Sign-Up & Lifetime Access

Bloomberg Market Concepts Limited-Time Free Sign-Up & Lifetime Access

Available remotely to Vanderbilt students, Bloomberg Market Concepts is a self-paced course that gives learners an introduction to the financial markets and using Bloomberg Terminal.  Bloomberg is offering lifetime access to BMC for any VU student or alum who previously completed the course, including access to any new modules that may become available. Vanderbilt students who sign up for BMC by December 1, 2020 will have a year to earn the Bloomberg Market Concepts Certificate once they have completed the course’s Core Concepts modules.

BMC’s Core Concepts has four modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities. For students who are interested in utilizing financial workflows from The Terminal, there are two additional modules, Portfolio Management and Getting Started on the Terminal, the latter featuring five submodules: Using the Terminal, Analyzing the Market, Exploring the Equity Market, Discovering the Fixed Income Market and Building an Equity Portfolio. 

Two new modules, Commodities and Equity Options include Introduction to Commodities, Commodity Fundamentals, Commodity Players, Commodities Trading, Introduction to Stock Options, Using the Language of the Options Market, The Role of a Stock Options Trader, and Basic Multi-leg Strategies.

New users can sign up for a Learner account using their Vanderbilt email address here. (A pay screen may appear, but the amount will be $0). There is no fee for Vanderbilt students through December 1, 2020.  Use this class code: 7C9WKBM3QT. Alums can access BMC after graduation by using their student login info.

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