Call for Applicants for Fall Buchanan Library Fellowship: Building a University: Vanderbilt’s First Decade, 1875-1885

1882 Vanderbilt University commencement announcement printed on silk
1882 Vanderbilt University commencement announcement printed on silk, Vanderbilt University Special Collections

Open to undergraduate students, the Buchanan Library Fellowship Building a University: Vanderbilt’s First Decade, 1875-1885 is seeking additional applicants.

Have you ever wondered how Vanderbilt University got its name? Or, you are curious about why the Stevenson Science and Engineering Library has so many antique instruments on display?  Maybe you would like to learn about what classes were taught and what students did for fun in those early years. If you would like to know more about how curators interpret historic objects, how to find things in the library, or just know more about the amazing history of the place where you will be spending four years of your life, then apply for this fall 2020 Buchanan Library Fellowship. This semester, four students will examine historically-significant university manuscripts and documents in the Special Collections Library and place them in context with the university’s and the nation’s history. Fellows will curate an exhibition about Vanderbilt’s first decade, learn to interpret primary sources and present a report on what they learned. This fellowship requires a three- to five-hour commitment of your time and agreement to attend weekly classes and labs. If the fall semester is interrupted by the COVID-19 virus, all discussions and the final exhibit is easily moved online. Fellows come away with curatorial skills and experience, how to think critically about primary sources, a deeper knowledge of university history and how library collections and staff inform exhibitions and research. Contact: Kathleen Smith

The Buchanan Library Fellowship program provides immersive learning experiences that develop career-ready skills and support lifelong learning in undergraduate students. Fellows work in multidisciplinary cohorts on tactical projects for Vanderbilt Libraries over the course of a semester to make library collections more accessible or shed new light on a collection or topic.  At the end of the semester, fellows present their work and share their findings with the Vanderbilt community.  Fellows are paid $1,000 for their work.  Apply here


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