Call for Applicants for Fall Buchanan Library Fellowship: Privacy, Surveillance and Intellectual Freedom

video surveillance camera mounted on buildingOpen to undergraduate students, the Buchanan Library Fellowship Privacy, Surveillance, and Intellectual Freedom is seeking additional applicants.

New online research environments have made the discovery and consumption of information easier than ever. However, these environments often threaten privacy and intellectual freedom by relying on surveillance economies and architectures. In this seminar, fellows will explore the intersection of privacy and intellectual freedom, and the surveillance logics that influence online research and communication practices. Using a variety of formats (such as a podcast, presentation, or video public service announcement), fellows will create final projects that analyze issues related to technology and privacy. All of the sessions will be online.

The Buchanan Library Fellowship program provides immersive learning experiences that develop career-ready skills and support lifelong learning in undergraduate students. Fellows work in multidisciplinary cohorts on tactical projects for Vanderbilt Libraries over the course of a semester to make library collections more accessible or shed new light on a collection or topic.  At the end of the semester, fellows present their work and share their findings with the Vanderbilt community.  Fellows are paid $1,000 for their work.  Apply here

Contact: Andrew Wesolek


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