The Walker Management Library continues to offer access to PitchBook, a database for analyzing private equity, venture capital, and mergers & acquisitions across the private investment lifecycle.  Any Vanderbilt student, faculty, or staff member can create a PitchBook account with their Vanderbilt email address. Accounts will automatically reset each May.

If you created an account in the past year, you will need to renew. Existing and new users, use the PitchBook link and enter your Vanderbilt email address to get started.

PitchBook provides information on deals, funds, and investors. It is also helpful for future entrepreneurs who want to determine investors active in certain markets and for job-seekers to learn about the financial health of private companies.

Users are limited to 10 downloads per day and 25 downloads per month. A download can be one row of Excel data, one image, one chart or one PDF.  Please note, like all library databases, PitchBook is licensed for academic use only.

Interested in learning more? Contact managementlibrary@vanderbilt.edu with any questions.

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