A Different Summer in New York City

This is a fourth in a series of articles written by the Science and Engineering library’s student assistants about their life during the COVID-19  quarantine.

Hello! My name is Lannawill Caruth and I’m a student assistant at the Stevenson Library. I am a first-year student studying Biomedical Engineering. Since leaving campus in March, I have somehow been both bored and busy. Completing classes virtually was a challenge during March and April. I had to adapt very quickly to the new teaching styles and learn how best to work from home. I ended up taking over my family’s dining area and turning that into my study space. My mom hated this but it was necessary. Since the end of the semester, I have been enjoying lots of leisure reading and spending time with my family. I decided to get a kindle unlimited subscription so I could read as many books as I wanted. I have been reading outside on my porch to get fresh air and going for walks with my Mom and sister. My sister and I are also baking a lot more. This month we’ve been baking a lot of cookies, our favorites are sugar cookies and snickerdoodles. In addition to reading, I’ve been re-watching some of my favorite childhood movies like Mamma Mia and Legally Blonde. I have had a couple of Netflix watch parties with friends which keeps us in touch and fight the boredom. I live in New York City and I’m not used to not enjoying all it has to offer with my friends during the summer. Normally, I’d be looking forward to trips upstate to visit water parks or enjoying movies on the lawn at Bryant Park in Manhattan. However, during these particularly trying times, we are all doing our best to help flatten the curve which means social distancing and communicating via Face Time to make plans for the future. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time and hope to see everyone on campus this fall if everything goes well!

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