When research sources are scarce, librarians jump in to help

With the close of universities around the country because of COVID-19, students face the hurdle of finding access to library sources. Our librarians have stepped up their services quickly and efficiently to provide help and reassurance to the new stresses of remote learning. One example comes from our very own Jason M. Schultz, librarian for African American & Diaspora Studies, American Studies, History, Islamic Studies.

A student reached out to Jason in need of research help for an essay entitled “The Use of Music and Sound in Weimar-Era Films.” Finding sources on line proved difficult, and the student considered changing his topic.

Jason not only provided 14 different sources the student could use, he volunteered to purchase electronic books to send his way. The student was genuinely shocked by the amount of help Jason provided:

“Thank you so much for all of these amazing resources!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this—I really had no idea where to even begin and you have given me so much to work with.”

For students struggling to find research sources or access to remote learning channels, Vanderbilt librarians are available to help through chat or email. Please feel free to reach out!

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