Gale Digital Scholar Lab Applications in Teaching

April 21 @ 12 p.m.

Link to Meeting:

In the past year, Gale, a company that partners with libraries around the world to empower the discovery of knowledge and insights, has launched a new text mining tool for digital humanities research and teaching—the Digital Scholar Lab. It gives users the ability to search across their library’s Gale Primary Sources holdings and seamlessly select documents to be added to their custom content sets. They can then clean the data, perform text analyses using any of the six tools for text mining in the platform and export visualizations, tabular data and up to 5,000 documents of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text.


The session will begin with a walk-through of the platform in order to demonstrate the workflow, features and functionality of the lab. We will then have an in-depth pedagogy discussion, focusing on the structure of activities for two Introduction to Digital Humanities courses. Dr. Sarah Ketchley—one of our digital humanities specialists and affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington—has used the Gale Digital Scholar Lab as the primary platform for gathering, curating and analyzing data for her introductory digital humanities classes. The session will showcase the work done by her students within the Lab environment and how the work accomplished in the platform is extensible to other digital humanities tools (such as integration into Content Management Systems, and the use of mapping systems and timelines). RSVP to to receive a password to enter the meeting.


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