“Burnaway,” The Voice of Art in the South reviews “Symbols and Archetypes” at the Fine Arts Gallery

A new survey of global visual culture at Vanderbilt University’s Fine Arts Gallery in Nashville attempts to uncover the unseen, internal urges behind two thousand years of human art and design. Symbols and Archetypes: Two Millennia of Recurring Visions in Art offers a meditative, slightly spooky trip into the collective unconscious by displaying artifacts and artworks including ancient Chinese currency, alchemical texts, a selection of tarot card decks and proto-surrealist illustrations, twentieth-century lithographs by Marc Chagall,  Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso, and works by more contemporary artists including the Tennessee-based painters David Onri Anderson and Rubens Ghenov.

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Carl Jung Red Book
A painting from Carl Jung’s Red Book, a manuscript created by the psychoanalyst from 1915 through 1930 and finally published posthumously in 2009.

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