Ada Lovelace Day Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon Oct 9

Ada Lovelace Day celebrates the contributions of self-identifying women to science, technology, engineering, and math. So to celebrate their achievements, Vanderbilt Libraries and the Wond’ry are gathering at the Wond’ry on Tuesday October 9th to share their work on Wikipedia’s pages.

While Wikipedia is the fifth most popular website in the world, notching up more than 32 million views a day, less than 18% of its English-language biographies are about women. So in honor of Ada Lovelace—and her contributions to mathematics and computing—we’ll work to add more entries to Wikipedia and give you the tools to keep making the Internet less sexist after our Wiki-thon. All you have to do is come armed with a laptop or tablet!

David Owens will speak about women in STEM.  Then we’ll have a hands-on session on how to edit.

Does your favorite woman in STEM have a Wikipedia page?

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