Database Spotlight: Mintel Academic

What percentage of millennials avoid “toxic” ingredients in beauty and personal care products? Does income or age impact the likelihood that a millennial consumer will avoid “toxic” ingredients?

What is the target age group for marketing campaigns for frozen pizzas?

Find these answers, and much more, in the library database Mintel Academic:

Mintel publishes research reports focused on consumers in the US. They conducts consumer surveys that allow you to better understand demographic and consumer behavior data for various markets. Reports include market overviews, consumer data, and brand/company data. Each report offers an executive summary and databook that can easily be exported. Use Mintel reports to better understand a market, know your consumers, design marketing campaigns,  and produce new product development strategies.

Mintel publishes new reports each month. Reports due to be published in July 2019 include Pet Food, The Natural/Organic Food Shopper, Teen Fashion, Body care and Deodorant, and OTC Pain Management.

One last trivia question: What percentage of consumers surveyed has purchased any type of juice within the last 3 months? Open Mintel, search Juice and Juice Drinks, and find out.

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