New Database: Pitchbook

The Walker Management Library has recently acquired Pitchbook, a new database for analyzing private equity, venture capital, and mergers & acquisitions across the private investment lifecycle.

This database provides information on deals, funds, and investors. Pitchbook will be helpful for future entrepreneurs who want to determine investors active in certain spaces, and those on the job hunt learning about the financial health of private companies. You can search within multiple areas of interest: for example, search for startups that received over a million dollars of funding this year, are active in the consumer health and fintech spaces, or have headquarters in the south eastern United Stated.

It is important to note that:

  • Downloading is limited. Individuals have a limit of 10 downloads per day and 25 downloads per month. One row of excel data, one image, one chart or one pdf counts as a download.
  • Pitchbook is licensed to be used for academic use only. When you register to create an account, you can view the terms of service. Be sure to read and agree to these before creating your account.

Any Vanderbilt student, faculty, or staff member can create a Pitchbook account with their Vanderbilt email address. Accounts will automatically reset each year on May 15th.

Interested in learning more? Contact with any questions.

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