Librarian Rahn Huber Brings Experience to the Wond’ry

When the Wond’ry opened their doors two years ago, they were eager to collaborate with Vanderbilt librarians who had the knowledge and expertise to help entrepreneurs succeed. As an information consultant with experience in business, technology, and patents, Rahn Huber was a natural choice.

In addition to her job as a business librarian at Walker Management Library, Huber teaches research classes and acts as a Wond’ry mentor. When a student comes to Huber with an idea for a start-up, she helps them research their potential business. For example, when a team of students came to her with an idea for an app that helps visually impaired professionals put together matching outfits, Huber guided them through the process of finding market information and researching competitors. The next summer, the team of students was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to pursue their business.

Along with being a mentor, Huber also teaches one or two classes a semester at the Wond’ry. You can find her lecturing on topics such as “How to be a Better Googler” and “Incorporating a Business.” Twice a month you will find Huber at the Wond’ry ready to answer business research questions through Vanderbilt’s pop-up librarian program. 

You can contact Rahn at To learn more about the Wond’ry, visit their website.

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