New Campus Resource: BCC Research

BCC Research provides market research reports covering major economic, scientific, and technological developments in industrial, pharmaceutical, and high technology organizations. BCC reports explore the financial impact of new development in these industries and provide valuable forecasting. Topics covered include chemicals, energy and resources, engineering, healthcare, information technology, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and semiconductor manufacturing. Each report includes a global market outlook, pipeline assessment, regulatory structures, market breakdowns, competitive landscape, and company profiles. BCC Research publishes over 250 new reports annually.

Questions that you may have and find answers to in BCC include: What are the life cycle stages of plastic additives? How are innovations in sodium-ion batteries impacting the lithium-ion battery market for personal electronics? What company had the highest global market share in the blood pressure monitors market in 2017?

Vanderbilt Libraries have recently subscribed to BCC, and it’s freely available for you to use with your VUNet ID and login. (You don’t need those to get access to the database if you’re at one of the libraries or anywhere else on campus.)

Patient Monitoring Devices: Global Markets
Source: BCC Research

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