Committee on the Rank and Promotion System

The Provost and Council of Deans have approved, in abstract, a five-rank system of rank and promotion for Vanderbilt’s professional librarians to be implemented in the 2018-19 academic year (FY19). To plan accordingly for the introduction and implementation of such a Rank and Promotion system, I am appointing the Committee on the rank and promotion System for Professional Staff in the Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries to:

  1. Review the October 2015/rev. August 2016 report on the “Vanderbilt University Libraries System of Rank and Promotion” and investigate promotion and review guidelines in our peer libraries;
  2. Develop an implementation timeline and process for introducing this new system, including such details as, how will the new system phase in? What is the process for initial rank assignment? Will this be an opt in for some? etc.;
  3. Consult with broad range of stakeholders, conduct focus groups meetings to review proposals, and present proposal to the University Library Committee for advice and direction;
  4. Draw up a structure for implementation that includes guidance regarding the review process, criteria for promotion, and ranking structure.

Written recommendations should be submitted to both Cynthia Cyrus and Valerie Hotchkiss by March 1, 2018.



Rick Stringer-Hye, Science and Engineering Librarian
Bobby Smiley, Theological Librarian and Interim Direction of the Divinity Library
Nancy Godleski, AUL for Collections
Deborah Schander, Law Librarian
Susan Bell, Cataloger
Melissa Mallon, Director of Peabody Library
Alan Napier, Human Resources
Kathryn Dudley, Executive Assistant, Vice Provost for Learning and Residential Affairs
Judy Peterson, Finance

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