Behind the Book

Behind the Book

Welcome to the inaugural issue of “Primary Source,” the newsletter of the Vanderbilt Libraries! We created this new way to communicate because we wanted to share all the good work going on. The past year has been one of change and transformation, with new faces, new library services, new spaces and new programs in our nine campus libraries.  It has also been a year of continuity as we build collections, make resources accessible and offer contemplative and collaborative spaces for research and study.

In short, the library is evolving, while remaining true to its essence as a place of information and knowledge. We work in partnership with those who research, teach, and learn. The Vanderbilt Libraries are not only relevant, but vibrant. At Vanderbilt, the libraries are central to the educational mission. We teach students and faculty the skills they need to navigate the ever-changing seas of information. We also bring the great ideas in our collections to life through exhibitions, workshops, concerts, readings and even dances in the library.

We have all heard the old saying: “The library is the heart of the university.”  We believe that—and we want everyone to hear the beat.

If you are receiving this newsletter, we already know that you support the life of the mind.  Please share in our excitement by using your library, attending library events and letting us know what you think!

In the words of author Neil Gaiman, “Google can bring you back a hundred thousand answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.

–Valerie Hotchkiss
University Librarian

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