Walker Management Library Now Open!

The Walker Management Library, is thrilled to announce our reopening on Monday, August 21st.

Some highlights of the new space include:

• The main reading room, with a fireplace as a focal point, is a great place for contemplation. With all the movable furniture, we can have larger groups gather to engage with business leaders in a personal setting.

• There are varieties of study configurations. Great spaces for individual quiet study, from couches to individual reading nooks. There is electricity near every seat. The large library tables will have reading lamps with plugs to connect for power (coming soon).

• We have recreated the former library conference room, improved the technology, and installed a sound system.

• The whole space benefits from white noise and sound-absorbing finishes, especially the ceiling tiles.

• The study spaces, team rooms and copy print center, just inside the front doors, are 24/7.

• The library service desk, computer table, and book collections can be secured at night by an overhead door.

• We are bringing back a growing collection of books, focused on practical aspects of business, management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We will have a collection of print magazines and journals for browsing. We will continue to check out business best-sellers, equipment and textbooks.

• A significant portion of the renovation budget has gone to heating and cooling, to make for comfortable temperature and airflow. There are thermostats everywhere, including each team room.

• Creating comfortable and usable team rooms was a huge goal of this project. The new team rooms are bigger, brighter, and have consistent technology; each room has the same technology as the next. The rooms have 55” monitors and an all-in-one system for presenting and video conference calling. The technology is used in corporate America, so we are socializing our students to what they have and will see in their jobs. Most of the rooms accommodate 6 people, one has room for 8 and another 12.

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