Library Exhibits Now Use Student Built App, Taption


This semester, the library is working with student entrepreneurs to help get the word out on our exhibitions.  Exhibits in the library are now enhanced with a new feature called Taption.  Taption is the brainchild of Will Rhodes, an undergraduate student in Economics. Similar to QR codes, the Taption app employs technologies that allow users to interact with exhibits via their cell phones by “tapping” on a TapTag that activates a web page with additional information about the exhibit . Since the current exhibitions focus on student work, highlighting projects curated by students in the classroom and library student fellows, many of the Taption pages include a video of the student who curated the case, discussing his or her project. Taption TapTags are installed on exhibit cases in Central, Divinity and Special Collections and will soon be available on Peabody and Music Library exhibit cases as well.  Table tents that explain how to use the tags will be positioned near the cases so users will know how to interact with Taption.  Currently, the service is only available for Androids, but in the next several months it will be upgraded to include Apple devices.

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