Somtochukwu Dimobi


Somto Dimobi is a Chemical Engineering freshman from Nigeria. She is very passionate about leadership and service to the community and loves working with people. On campus, she is very active in the African Student Union, Global Ambassadores and Lanterns (a Multicultural Leadership Council initiative). She is also really excited to be going on an Alternative Spring Break service trip to Ohio to learn more about homelessness and poverty.

She recently pledged Alpha phi Omega, a National Service Fraternity and currently serves on the Community Building, Outreach and Diversity Committee of the Vanderbilt Student Government. Although she is a potential Chemical Engineer, she loves the applications of biomedical engineering too, so she works as an undergraduate research assistant in the Advanced Therapeutic Lab at Vanderbilt. During her free time (if there ever is), she likes to talk to people, and lets her playful childlike side come to life.

She says that her time here at Vanderbilt has been a learning experience as she has grown emotionally, spiritually (thanks to University Catholic!) and academically in the past few months, and is really excited to meet the well-rounded professional she would be at the end of her undergraduate career. As of right now, she is searching for a summer internship where she can use her skillset to help solve real-world problems.

Somto is very enthusiastic about life, is rarely without a smile, and genuinely loves to meet people. So if you have any questions, or you just want to make a new friend, don’t hesitate to say hi!

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